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Product SpotLight La Darrins All Natural Skin Care


It is important with the Cold Weather, to stay moisturized. Pay Attention to the Commercial

Below the Product is All Natural and Kid Approved.





QVTV Art. Artists. and The Gifts

I met Inga Kimberly Brown Artist / Oil Painter / Griot the other day at the African American Atelier. By chance, but by the grace of God I needed to meet someone like her. A total breath of fresh air. She totally inspired me to look inward and I would totally like to trade circumstances for a day with her just because…
check out her website at http://www.ingakimberlybrown.com

Going Natural- Loving our Natural Hair

Women have decided after years of wearing hair in straight relaxed styles that our hair is so versatile we should not stick to one style.

No matter the degree of straight or curly we know that the curlier the curl the more we can do with our hair.

We should not, however, over do it.  Hair Expert Aminah Lawson has the answers in GOING NATURAL WITH CRIE.

Going Natural With Crie

Crie Natural Natural Hair Educator, Stylist and Owner of Product Line

Aminah Lawson


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