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Sugar is Sweet: Product Review House of Pharaoh Strawberry Sugar Scrub



Being the African Queen that I am, I was delighted to try this Strawberry Sugar Scrub complimentary of House of Pharaoh Body and Bath. As sweet as I am I can always be sweeter so I was very excited at the opportunity to give a quick review.

I knew from the moment it was in my hand it would be a treat. The Smell of Strawberry escaped the packaging and I was wondering if I should use it as an air freshener for my car cause boy it was smelling good and sweet. I opened the jar and was surprised to see little bitty strawberry seeds in an ocean of sugar.

I opened the House of Pharaoh Strawberry Sugar Scrub, I let my daughter Nunu see it. She smelled the strawberries and  automatically asked could she eat it. “CAN I EAT This? I bet it tastes so good right?”  Nunu!!!!  

This Strawberry Sugar Scrub is 100 percent natural and made exfoliated my skin while leaving a soft moisturizing, strawberry scented sheen on my skin. It worked well on my face and my body.



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Strawberry Sugar Scrub cu