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Product SpotLight La Darrins All Natural Skin Care


It is important with the Cold Weather, to stay moisturized. Pay Attention to the Commercial

Below the Product is All Natural and Kid Approved.





Sugar is Sweet: Product Review House of Pharaoh Strawberry Sugar Scrub



Being the African Queen that I am, I was delighted to try this Strawberry Sugar Scrub complimentary of House of Pharaoh Body and Bath. As sweet as I am I can always be sweeter so I was very excited at the opportunity to give a quick review.

I knew from the moment it was in my hand it would be a treat. The Smell of Strawberry escaped the packaging and I was wondering if I should use it as an air freshener for my car cause boy it was smelling good and sweet. I opened the jar and was surprised to see little bitty strawberry seeds in an ocean of sugar.

I opened the House of Pharaoh Strawberry Sugar Scrub, I let my daughter Nunu see it. She smelled the strawberries and  automatically asked could she eat it. “CAN I EAT This? I bet it tastes so good right?”  Nunu!!!!  

This Strawberry Sugar Scrub is 100 percent natural and made exfoliated my skin while leaving a soft moisturizing, strawberry scented sheen on my skin. It worked well on my face and my body.



Strawberry Sugar Scrub  cu
Strawberry Sugar Scrub cu

Reasons Your Fierce, Picked-Out Afro May Cause Hair Damage


Reasons Your Fierce, Picked-Out Afro May Cause Hair Damage

by Amanda (

Before addressing what you should start doing, let’s discuss what you should stop doing. When people approach me for hair care advice, the two consistent causes of concern are dryness and breakage, which is often misinterpreted as lack of hair growth. When prompted for questions, the two reoccurring issues in the regimen are lack of deep conditioning and dry combing. No, I do not mean detangling with an oil in small sections. I mean using an afro pick and maybe Luster’s Pink lotion finished with oil sheen. For decades people with afro-textured hair have been raised to comb their hair while dry, and this can cause damage when done improperly. It also stirs confusion when people want to return to their virgin coils and do not understand why their dry hair does not look like their wet hair. The afro style is equally as beautiful as a twist out or wash and go, but it must be done properly and infrequently. Until you understand how to properly achieve the style, here are the reasons you should stop picking your hair out.


qvlifedesignstyleReasons Your Fierce, Picked-Out Afro May Cause Hair Damage.

Going Natural- Loving our Natural Hair

Women have decided after years of wearing hair in straight relaxed styles that our hair is so versatile we should not stick to one style.

No matter the degree of straight or curly we know that the curlier the curl the more we can do with our hair.

We should not, however, over do it.  Hair Expert Aminah Lawson has the answers in GOING NATURAL WITH CRIE.

Going Natural With Crie

Crie Natural Natural Hair Educator, Stylist and Owner of Product Line

Aminah Lawson

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